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4 Things in Your Home That can be Cleared by a Professional Steamer

Even a home that remains relatively clean can benefit from an occasional deep clean. Without enough time in our busy schedules, such a thought may seem daunting. However, hiring professional steamer may be just the right solution for you. They can remove dirt and dust, allergens and germs you didn’t even realize existed. Consider hiring…
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What You Should Do Immediately After You Find Your House Flooded

There are so many wide and varied ways that your house can flood. Maybe you went downstairs to your basement for the first time in a long time and found a leaking pipe. You might have been on vacation and come home to a flooded house. Maybe you even had to leave your home because…
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4 of the Best Upholstery Cleaning Methods

The seating area is often the focal point of a living room. It’s the thing your guests look at and gravitate towards when they enter the room. This means it should be a priority to make it look its best for your guests. Upholstery cleaning can ensure your sofa and chairs look top notch for…
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The Step-by-Step Grout Cleaning Guide

The grout in your tile floors, showers and backsplashes can start looking pretty disgusting if they’re not cleaned out for a while. It may seem like a difficult job to clean this area, but it’s necessary to prevent mold and mildew buildup and to keep your home looking its best. This grout cleaning guide will…
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Tips and Tricks to Make Cleaning Your Old Antique Rug Easier

An old antique rug can enhance the look of a room. It can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a living room or bedroom. However, the rug gets dirty over time with traffic and allergens, and must be cleaned. Rug cleaning for an antique requires special care to ensure it continues to look beautiful…
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Health Benefits of a Clean Home and Workspace

Keep your home and workspace clean to have a positive impact on your health. If you need a little motivation to clean up, check out some of these major health benefits. If you don’t do the cleaning yourself, hire home cleaning services or a janitorial service.   Reduce Stress with Organization   Toss out excess stuff…
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What To Look For When Searching For The Best Carpet Cleaner

Carpet is the go-to flooring material in many American homes. Carpet has many perks; it feels comfortable, has good sound-deadening qualities, and is reasonably priced. However, keeping your carpet clean can be a challenge, especially in households with young children and pets. Finding the best carpet cleaner can take some time, but it will make…
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grout cleaning

Why Your DIY methods of Grout Cleaning Don’t Work

These days, it’s more popular than ever to take a DIY approach when solving problems around the house. With so many different YouTube channels and websites dedicated to doing everything from installing your own plumbing to setting up solar panels, it might seem like something as simple as grout cleaning is an easy enough task…
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how to remove blood stains from carpet SteamCo

House Cleaning 101: How to Remove Blood Stains from Carpet

Stains ruin more than just the appearance of your rug, they damage the fibers making it extremely difficult to restore its value. This fact is especially true when it comes to blood stains. Although we don’t always think about it, blood is one bodily fluid that is difficult to remove. It sinks into permeable materials…
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Tile and Grout Cleaning

5 Key Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning

When it comes to flooring or wall coverage in the kitchen or other high moisture areas of the home, ceramic tile is a smart choice. In addition to being water-resistant, glazed ceramic tiles are durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain. As with any other type of housework such as upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning, regular…
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