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4 of the Best Upholstery Cleaning Methods


The seating area is often the focal point of a living room. It’s the thing your guests look at and gravitate towards when they enter the room. This means it should be a priority to make it look its best for your guests. Upholstery cleaning can ensure your sofa and chairs look top notch for those visiting your home, but you may not be sure which cleaning method is the best. Here are a few to consider as you improve your chair and sofa cleaning habits.

Hand Shampoo

You will need a shampoo that is designed for the specific kind of material of your sofa and chairs. Dip a sponge in a bucket of warm water that has been mixed with the appropriate shampoo. Then, wipe down the furniture, moving the sponge in a circular motion. Be careful not to rub too hard or you could damage the fabric. Also, it’s important to not soak the upholstery by making sure the sponge is only damp. This option is best for spot removal. 

Steam Cleaning

It’s possible to clean upholstery just like you would carpet. You can rent a steam cleaner if you don’t have one and use the attachments to clean the upholstery. The steam from the machine will get deep down in the fabric and remove tough stains. After the cleaning, you will go back over the furniture to remove excess water, which will help it to dry faster.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning upholstery works similar to hand washing except the solvent doesn’t require water. This makes it ideal for use on delicate fabric or material that may be damaged by water. Instead of putting your sponge in water, you will put solvent on it. Just like with hand shampooing, you will work in a circular motion. Make sure not to over-saturate the fabric. Have plenty of ventilation for the area and keep the solvent away from any open flames, as they are generally flammable. 

Hire a Professional for Upholstery Cleaning

Have a professional upholstery cleaning service clean your upholstery. They will know what cleaning solutions and methods to use to make your furniture look new. This is the best option if you have chairs that are made of delicate fabric. It’s also best to hire a pro if you are restoring an old piece of furniture or an antique. You may not know the best cleaning solutions and methods to use to preserve the piece and the wrong option might ruin or devalue the furniture. 

For any piece of upholstery, you attempt to clean on your own, test a small area first. You might want to try the underside of a cushion or the back of the chair or sofa. Before you try to clean your upholstery, make sure you know what material it’s made of. Suede and leather will use a different cleaning method than polyester or wool. Don’t forget you must consider the padding and other parts of the furniture, which can also be damaged by the wrong cleaning methods.

Protect your upholstery and make it look like new again with the right cleaning method. Hire a professional cleaning company if you want the best results for your furniture.