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How Often Should You Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning

Even if you vacuum your home regularly, you might have stopped to wonder just how much dust, dirt, and hair is really being removed from your carpet. Just like other parts of your house, your carpets need more than the occasional spot cleaning. A carpet cleaning service can improve the overall look and feel of your carpets, but did you know it can also have lasting health benefits for your family and pets? Read on to discover how frequently you should be scheduling cleaning services and the variety of benefits a cleaning can provide. 


Type of Carpet

One of the first questions you will have to ask when it comes to determining how often you should get your carpets cleaned is the type of carpet your home has. Maybe there’s just one or maybe you have a combination of carpet materials based on their individual design features and functionality. 


One popular option is nylon, due to its stain-resistant and durable construction. Nylon is the preferred carpet material for homes with children, pets, or heavy traffic in transitional areas like hallways and stairs. Polyester is a step down in durability, but a step up in luxury, closely followed by olefin, which is ideal for facilitating a denser feeling underfoot. The last carpet material is wool, which is known for its thicker, natural texture and long-lasting quality. 


Professional Carpet Cleaning Service 

The level of traffic your carpet experiences will play an important role in determining how often it needs to be cleaned, but the industry standard is to schedule a professional steaming service at least once a year. An incredible amount of dirt, dust, and other undesirable elements can get trapped in the fibers over the course of an entire year, causing the fibers to split and deteriorate. 



To clean your carpet, a professional will inspect and pre-vacuum it, then extract, rinse, and neutralize the carpet at high temperatures. After this process is complete, it will be spot-checked, coated in a protectant, and examined again during the post-inspection. 


Home Health Benefits 

It’s true that vacuuming isn’t enough to clean your floors. Along with eradicating trapped pollutants, a professional carpet cleaning service can get rid of dust mite infestations and help prevent mold growth. If you have small children or pets, it is especially important to schedule regular cleaning services to ensure that their play environment is as safe and healthy as possible. 


Extend Carpet Life

Carpets are designed to withstand a certain level of traffic, dust, and stains, but when neglected, the fibers will deteriorate faster than their intended lifespan. Anyone who has ever built a home or redone a room knows that the cost of a carpet can quickly skyrocket, so it’s important to protect your investment by regularly maintaining your carpet’s health. Not only will a yearly cleaning service help ensure the functionality of your carpet, but it can also make your space look brand new again.


At SteamCo, we understand that your carpet is an essential element of your house. Contact us today as we offer a variety of professional carpet cleaning services to help make your home as clean, comfortable, and healthy as possible. 

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