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4 Things in Your Home That can be Cleaned by a Professional Steamer

Professional Steamer

Even a home that remains relatively clean can benefit from an occasional deep clean. Without enough time in our busy schedules, such a thought may seem daunting. However, hiring professional steamer may be just the right solution for you. They can remove dirt and dust, allergens and germs you didn’t even realize existed. Consider hiring a pro to take care of the following items in your home.



The most obvious use for a professional steam clean is carpet cleaning. The steam gets down into the fibers and lifts dirt that even the most powerful vacuum leaves behind. It also gives new life to worn carpets and makes them look like you just got them. When choosing to get your carpet steam cleaned, it’s important to move as much of the furniture out of the room as possible so you can get those hard to reach areas. Carpet holds in germs and allergens, which can make allergy sufferers miserable. Steam cleaning helps reduce this problem so you can breathe freely again. 



Dirt and allergens get into the upholstery of your furniture as well, and a steam cleaner can do wonders for a couch and chairs. A professional steamer will know how to clean all types of fabrics, from wool to polyester and avoid damage to the material. With their special equipment, they can also get down into crevices and other areas in your furniture that are difficult to reach. This method of upholstery cleaning is ideal for fabrics that are sensitive to water and heat like vinyl, suede, velvet, and leather. The cleaner can adjust the temperature controls based on the type of material being cleaned. 




If you have heavy drapes, it can be a monumental task to take them down for cleaning. A professional steam cleaner can make your drapery look fabulous without you taking on all that extra work. Steam cleaning is also gentler on the fabric than putting them in a washing machine. Even lightweight curtains are easier to clean with a steamer and the results look fabulous. 



You might not think of linens when you consider steam cleaning, but it does wonders on tablecloths and other linen products. The steam not only cleans the material, but it removes wrinkles so the linens look like new. Some tablecloths and other linen items are too heavy and cumbersome to clean in a washing machine, which is why steam cleaning is the best option in these cases. 



Steam works wonders on many items in your home, and it can be more effective than other methods of cleaning. It not only removes dirt and grime, but it can get rid of stains without causing damage. It also sanitizes the space because it kills germs and bacteria. Steam cleaning will remove pesky odors and professional steamers can get in small spaces to ensure an item is completely clean.

While you can do the job of steam cleaning by yourself, it’s not always the best idea. A professional steamer will know what temperature settings to use and other factors for properly cleaning all kinds of material. They know how to remove stains and not damage the carpet, upholstery or whichever item needs the clean. The next time you’re thinking about giving your space a deep clean, consider getting a professional steam cleaning for a fresh clean you will appreciate it. 

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