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5 Areas in Your Home You Wouldn’t Guess a Steamer Can Clean

Vapor steam cleaner

Steamers are one of the most versatile types of cleaning equipment on the market. Many people believe that steamers are strictly reserved for carpets, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. From the living room to the bathroom to the kitchen, a steamer is a great tool for deep cleaning anything in your home. Without further ado, here are five areas of your home you wouldn’t guess a steamer can clean. 



Mattresses are often heavily neglected when it comes to cleaning. Research suggests that used mattresses can have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside because mites feed off of dead skin cells, which mattresses are chock-full of.  

Steam cleaning is a great option for eradicating those pesky dust mites, getting out old stains and deodorizing your mattress. Just be sure to let your mattress dry fully before putting your sheets and blankets back on the bed. 


2. Shower 

The shower is a goldmine for mold and mildew, which can be tough to remove with standard cleaning products. Running a heavy-duty steamer over the surfaces of your shower can help remove and prevent mold and mildew from building up on your shower curtain or shower door without the use of harsh chemicals like bleach. 


3. Walls 

Many people do not include their walls in their cleaning routines; however, walls need to be cleaned regularly. Walls can accumulate dust, dirt, germs, and stains over time. Steam cleaning walls is a quick and easy way to remove these impurities and give your home a fresh and clean look. 


4. Kitchen 

A steamer can clean just about anything in your kitchen. Steam cleaning can help clean up greasy buildup around your stove, oven, microwave and other appliances. It can also loosen up dirt and grime in the grout on your backsplash and counters. Using a steamer in your kitchen is great for not only a pristine look but also for some heavy sanitation so you can cook in a spic and span environment. 


5. Mirrors 

Tired of streaky mirrors that you can barely see-through? Applying steam to the glass surfaces on your mirrors is the perfect way to get a streak-free shine. Whether in your bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home, a steamer can give you a crystal clear reflection. 

Steam cleaning is one of the fastest and easiest ways to clean and sanitize your home. While many think steamers are reserved strictly for carpets, steam can be used virtually anywhere in your house including the aforementioned areas. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our professional carpet cleaning services or other professional cleaning services, request a free quote online today. 


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