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4 Ways SteamCo Offers the Whole Package

Four Services Carpet Cleaning Companies can Offer

Whether it be due to a party or simply one’s own clumsiness at home, stains can end up on the carpet, furniture, and tile. While there are companies that clean carpets, they might not be able to take care of the rest. Thankfully, SteamCo is well-equipped with experienced people who can take care of multiple services in addition to carpet cleaning. Below are a few services that they are trained to take care of.


1. Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is necessary when filth, whether it be from food or from a pet, builds up. Filth can result in stains that are visually unappealing to anyone in the house. One would definitely want to get rid of these before visitors come over. SteamCo’s technicians use Professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning. This technique involves a water-based strategy that loosens up the tough stains in the carpeting. With this unique tactic, you know that you are in good hands with SteamCo compared to other companies.


2. Flood Damage



Sometimes, water ends up overflowing in the house, causing unwanted damages. In addition to carpet cleaning, SteamCo also deals with flood damage. This additional service alone makes the company stand out, as other carpet cleaning companies may lack this service. It can be comforting to know that SteamCo is an all-in-one deal. Water can cause erosion of your floor and furniture. The technicians would use fans to dry out the material, freeing it of any vapor. Calling SteamCo for flood damage services right away can save you from having to pay high costs of further damages. 


3. Upholstery Cleaning


While it might be more common for stains to end up on the floor, it is also possible for them to make their way onto the upholstery, or fabrics of various furniture. Luckily, SteamCo can handle upholstery cleaning as well. Whether it be chairs, couches, or sofas, SteamCo’s skilled workers would be able to clean the furniture, no matter how dark the stains or blotches are. A deep cleaning would be followed by deodorization via the use of spray protector to form a barrier around the fibers, effectively keeping dirt and dust from piling up.


4. Tile & Grout Cleaning


Tile and Grout Cleaning


Due to everyday activities, tiles and grout can build up dirt, grease, and grime. This is especially true of floors that have high foot traffic. This can accumulate and create an unappealing appearance. While there are home remedies for this, it would be more effective and convenient for you to have SteamCo do a deep cleaning. Since they are knowledgeable about dealing with tile and grout, SteamCo’s professionals would be able to take care of things for you.


More Services, More Quality


SteamCo has trained people to take care of the aforementioned services in a professional manner. Since they are available to take care of all of these services, that makes them the best choice for cleaning all the different types of messes around your house. If there is ever some sort of mishap in your home that leads to unwanted messes like the ones mentioned above, you should contact SteamCo and so that they may restore your home to the quality that you deserve.


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