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Sofa Cleaning Wizards – Healthy Habits to Maintain a Tidy Couch

man steam cleaning upholstery couch

A couch has a way of pulling a room together, being the focal point in a space or even serving as a statement piece. Most people’s couches get a lot of use, especially if it’s in a room where your family gets together for entertainment or where your pet may find to be the most comfortable space to chill. This means that your couch may need some maintenance work to keep it tidy, looking new and smelling fresh. Here are a few helpful sofa cleaning tips that you can apply when tidying up your couch. 


Weekly Vacuuming

When it comes to upholstery cleaning a good vacuuming once a week can be beneficial. Depending on the color of your sofa, dirt, debris and dust may not be visible at first glance. If you miss the signs of contaminants on your sofa, you risk exposure to potentially harmful bacteria that can affect your health and that of your family. You want to avoid breathing any mold that can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. 


A vacuum attachment featuring a crevice tool with a brush can come in handy cleaning away some of the nasty things that you may have missed. Don’t forget to get in between the cushions.


Surface Protection

Another good sofa cleaning tip is to protect the surface of your couch. The covering of couches is made of one fabric or another. The fabric can be a particular type, texture, and color. With time, normal wear and tear are present on your couch and it’s fabric deteriorates from use by anyone who lay on or sits and plays in it. If your pet or messy kids are prone to leave your couch a mess, cover it with a sheet or a couch cover. You can always remove the covering and wash it as needed, making it much easier to clean than the entire couch itself.


Sofa Cleaning Tips of Fluff and Puff

A couch looks more appealing with pillows and cushions that are vibrant in appearance. Throw pillows and removable couch cushions can become deflated from compression caused by use. This can leave your pillows and couch cushions looking less puffed up. Doing some fluff work in the morning nor only restores the shape, but also gets rid of small debris attached to them as well. Your couch should look lovely in every way and if a little fluff and puff are all it takes, you can get it done.




Couch Cleaning Service

Not all your couch cleaning can be done with a DIY job. Sometimes your couch needs a deep cleaning and professional sofa cleaners can get the job done right the first time. With a professional steamer, you get a thorough cleaning that can rid your couch of tough stains, disgusting smell, and even dead skin cells. You can also remove pet dander and sweat, and in the process improve the appearance of your couch, as well as air quality. Your couch should be a healthy spot to spend time relaxing and watching TV. A clean couch is a healthy couch.


Stick With the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

The people who made your couch know how to best instruct you on taking care of it. It helps to always give the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions a second look prior to cleaning your couch. There may be clear guidelines on how to remove certain stains specific to the type of fabric the couch is made from. If you fail to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, you could ruin your couch and void warranties. 


Make sure you are using the right cleaning detergents or other solutions and stick with the manufacturer’s couch care instructions, which is normally on the couch’s tags. You want to preserve the longevity of your couch by performing proper care and maintenance.


Perform Spot Treatment

Spot check cleaning is a way to clean specific areas of your couch that needs attention. You want to ensure that you are using the correct solution for effective cleaning. It may be a red wine stain or ink that you need to remove. Your cleaning tool could be a soft cloth or a small brush. It all depends on the type of stain you are cleaning and the surface to which it is attached. Blotting is a common technique that many individuals apply when spot-cleaning, but you should use the technique that can best solve your cleaning issue. 


Some stains require a bit more muscle and more than one try to remove, but spot cleaning is one of a few upholstery cleaning tips that are effective.


Your couch can remain beautiful and possibly outlive its lifespan with proper care and maintenance. These sofa cleaning tips could prove helpful and are healthy habits that you can adopt while you enjoy the use of your couch. From spot cleaning to professional cleaning, you can become the sofa cleaning wizard in your own home. Reach out to Steam Co Carpet Cleaning for all your sofa cleaning advice and guidance.