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Sofa Cleaning Wizards – Healthy Habits to Maintain a Tidy Couch

man steam cleaning upholstery couch

Nothing ties a room together better than a couch. It’s the focal point for us all to gather and watch TV, chat, or take a well-deserved nap. Besides your bed, the sofa is most likely where you spend the most time in your house so keeping it tidy is essential for both your health and its. For this reason, we have put together a list of five simple sofa cleaning habits that will keep your couch looking and smelling fresh and new for years to come!


1. A Once Weekly Vacuuming

Sofas always look deceptively clean. Unless you have a pure white couch, it’s often quite hard to see dirt, dust, and debris that might be sitting on the surface. When you lie or sit down on the couch for a long time, you are breathing all this in. That’s why there are so many health benefits to a once weekly vacuuming.

All you have to do is attached the brush and crevice attachments from your vacuum toolbox. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be surprised how much stuff is lying in between the cushions and in other places!


2. Protect the Surface

Sofas are made out of fabric. Over time, these fabrics can break down from wear and tear. This is doubly true if you have pets, kids or both. Throw a sheet or cover over it along with some blankets.

Not only, will it make your couch more comfortable and warmer during those winter months, but also easier to clean because all you have to do is throw the stuff in the washer and you’ll be good to go!


3. Fluff and Puff

Think about the pillows on your bed. You fluff those up each morning when making your bed. The same idea applies to your couch. This form of sofa cleaning only takes a few minutes and if you want your furniture to be comfortable then be sure to fluff the cushions. Bonus—it makes a great stress reliever and workout if you do a good job getting everything nice and puffed up again.


4. Cushion Cleaning Service

If you want to both maintain the health of your couch and get a good, deep clean, then nothing beats professional sofa cleaners. They have all the tools and products necessary to clean your sofa thoroughly. This is something you should consider doing at least twice a year or in between seasons to remove things like pollen and mold.


5. Seasonal House Deep Cleaning

Think of your couch like a big sponge. It soaks up everything in the air around it. For that reason, one of the best forms of sofa cleaning is for you to deep clean the house especially making sure you get a comprehensive carpet cleaning services well so you can be sure you sofa rests on a clean floor.


Sofa Cleaning in Five Easy Steps

As you can see, sofa cleaning is not hard at all. If you need that extra help, hiring a commercial carpet cleaning service might be the best option for you.  Finally, all you have to do is follow these five simple steps, and you’ll have a great looking and comfortable couch that will last countless years!