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Spring Cleaning: How to Deep Clean the House

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Deep Clean the House for a Healthier Life

Whether it’s spring or not, our homes could probably use a good cleaning! It’s easy for dirt, dust, and clutter to slowly accumulate over time that before you know it, the house is simply a mess even after you clean it. Even the tidiest homes can use the occasional thorough cleansing. Cleaning can help the make your home healthier, remove allergens and germs, and makes for a better environment for your family. For that reason, we have come up with some tried and true strategies to help you easily deep clean the house in no time at all!


1) Make an Inventory

This is a good place to start when you deep clean the house. You don’t need to list every item in your house one by one, but go to your house and write down the things you haven’t used in six months and a year. The items in the six-month category need to go into an area where you think about whether you need to keep them or not. Unless it’s a priceless family heirloom, anything in the year or more category needs to be either donated or recycled.


2) The Kitchen

Hopefully, you are in the habit of doing your dishes and wiping down the counters, stove, and sink area on a daily basis. Every three months or more, you need to tackle some of those problematic areas. Other areas of the kitchen include the flooring that requires cleaning due to food stains, grease, and dirt. For tiled kitchens, cleaning the grout helps restore the look and feel of your kitchen. A regular kitchen cleaner is not designed to handle these type of set in stains. A professional cleaner can get in between the lines and ensure that those tricky spots get removed. Professional cleaning will also prevent mold or any nasty build-up.


3) The Bathrooms

While you have a professional cleaning service over it’s time to get one of the other trickier areas of your home. Like your kitchen, the bathrooms can acquire years of built-up stains and dirt. The grout will most likely be dark, due to the combination of humidity and dirt that the bathroom endures. You likewise will want to take care of any of the tiles in your bathroom as well as be sure you can remove all the debris for sink and tub drains along with other problem spots where moisture can slowly damage your bathroom. If you see any signs of water damage in the bathroom, don’t stress! These can sometimes be fixed if caught on time.


4) The Living Room

Get ready for a little fun on this one. If you have a carpeted living room, you need to take all the furniture off to give your carpet a full clean. Trust us, you really don’t want to know what kinds of bacteria, bugs and other unpleasant beings love living in the dark underneath your couch. Everyday wear and tear cause your carpet to accumulate dirt, dust, and other ailments. Carpets can also trap different pollutants which can be hazardous to your family. It’s important that carpets undergo a thorough cleaning in order to both preserve and clean them. While you are at it, this is a good time to also steam clean any upholstery on your furniture and maybe get out some stains that have been annoying you.


5) The Bedrooms

Bedrooms have a lot of overlap with the living room and are often overlooked when you deep clean the house. If you have a carpeted floor then you are going to want to make sure to move the furniture and have that cleaned. Carpet cleaning will get those stubborn stains out, while also making your room feel like new. You’ll also want to clean the drapes and also steam any furniture or other fabrics you generally can’t wash so that you can remove dust and other allergens.


Year-round Spring Cleaning

Let’s be honest, if you keep your home cleanings to once a year then it’s going to be an enormous job. Instead, contact the right professionals to help you to deep clean the house once every couple of months. Remember that your home is an extension of you and your family and when you deep clean the house you are showing it, love. Doing this will give you a cleaner, fresher home that you can truly enjoy!


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