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5 Lessons to Learn from a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

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We don’t always have the time to deep clean the house. There is nothing like a commercial carpet cleaning for your carpets. Freshly vacuumed, clean plush carpeting to welcome everyone into a room. It complements the atmosphere with warmth and comfort, however, as enjoyable as the carpet is in one’s home; eventually, it will suffer. That one guest who spilled a drink, gum-chewing kids playing around, an animal that forgot where outside was, or the remnants deposited by the sole of someone’s shoes will all leave their mark. As disheartening as the mess may appear there are a few lessons you can learn from a commercial carpet cleaning service.

1. Blotting is Key

Regardless of the stain you are faced with in your carpet, always remember to blot the stain, not rub. Blot from the outside of the area inward with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, sponge or paper towel. Rubbing the stain can embed into the carpet fibers, causing them to break down prematurely. It can also cause the stain to set, making it harder to come out.

2. Club Soda in a Pinch

You find yourself enjoying your dinner party until that one guest accidentally spills a glass of wine onto your beautiful, clean carpet. Although you may not have the opportunity to call in a commercial carpet cleaning service, no need to stress, just grab a bottle of club soda. The old wives’ tale will work in a pinch for beer or wine. Follow these steps to remove red wine stains. Blot the stain with club soda on a cloth. You may have to spray an additional mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Leave for 10-15 mins and press with a sponge. May be repeated if necessary. Once the stain is removed, lay paper towels on the area and weight them down for about 24hrs to absorb any dampness.

3. Freeze it Out

Kids are always running around the house and the next thing you know one of them a dropped a wad of gum into the carpet. Worse yet, proceeded to step on it afterward not knowing where it had fallen. With a bit of work, it should come out. Grab a few ice cubes and freeze the gum until it is hard about 30 seconds. Using a spoon, lift the chewing gum out of the carpet and snip the carpet fibers as close to the gum as possible. It should prove unnoticeable.

4. Fido Missed His Mark

On occasion, our furry friends miss their mark or forget where outside is for their bathroom needs. If Fido has had an unfortunate accident on your carpet, there are a variety of organic cleaners on the market proven effective at removing both the pet stains and odor. Unlike chemical cleaners, natural solutions are safe to use around children and pets and are relatively inexpensive. If the stain sets, remember that you can always call your commercial carpet cleaning service.

5. Soles to Blame

Of course, people are going to wear shoes throughout your house and inevitably leave behind whatever was stuck on their soles onto your carpet. For general carpet cleaning, ordinary shaving cream can be your answer. It is suggested to spray directly on the stain and let sit for about 30 minutes. Once set, blot with a dry white cloth. As a rinse solution, spray with equal parts white vinegar and water, wiping away with a towel.

Finding the Right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Use one of these lessons if you do not have the time to call in a professional for your carpet cleaning needs. Otherwise, it is best to leave it to the pros. Your Steamco professionals are courteous and experienced when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. We know how to remove those deep, set-in stains without damaging the surrounding areas. We have a solid carpet cleaning process that will be sure to make your carpet look like new. Calling for commercial carpet cleaning will not only ensure your carpets are correctly deep cleaned but last longer. 

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