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Professional Carpet Cleaner Secrets – How to Get Oil Out of Carpet

how to get oil out of carpet

From our clothes to our shoes and, of course, our carpets, oil stains are frustrating no matter where they occur. Whether you just splashed some olive oil on the carpet or you’ve got a bit of a mess on your hands, don’t worry. Take a deep breath and uncover the different ways we approach the topic of “how to get oil out of carpet” so you don’t have to stress about a permanent stain. Our carpet cleaning professionals have put together a few tips to help you remove stubborn oil stains in no time at all!

Prepare Ahead

As with all things, the best way to remove any type of stain is to ensure you already have the right tools on hand. Here a few of the things that you will want to have ready:

  • White cloth – Color cloths have a higher risk of running into the carpet
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda, cornstarch or talcum powder
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Soda water
  • Dry cleaning solvent

It’s All About Speed

Oil stains and any other liquid stains require immediate care as they will set and become difficult to remove. The urgency of oil stains is why we recommend having those tools ready. The general rule is the faster you treat the area, the more likely you are to remove the stain. The number one tip we can provide is to remember never to rub the spot, instead make sure to quickly blot. With the cloth, press firmly against the stain, you may even want to stand on the cloth allow the substance to absorb.

how to get oil out of carpet

How to Get Oil Out of Carpet

There are a few different approaches to getting oil out of the carpet. The first is to use baking soda, cornstarch, or baby powder. These powders will help to absorb the oil. Depending on the size of the stain, you’ll want to work the powder into the carpet using a toothbrush or utility brush. After following these steps, let the product sit for fifteen minutes, vacuuming it up afterward. You may want to follow with a dry cleaning solvent to spruce it up.

Another option you have is to use rubbing alcohol on the stain which acts like a solvent (Just in case you didn’t know, solvents break down oils). Like the powder, you’ll want to press the alcohol into the affected area and let it set. Use a fan to dry the area and then rinse with water. If the scent is too strong, we suggest using a fan to ventilate. We do not recommend the use of chemical deodorizers as they add moisture to the area, worsening the stain.

Simple Solutions to a Simple Problem

The biggest thing to remember with carpet stains is that they are not a big deal. As long as you treat the area quickly and often anything labeled “carpet cleaner,” you’ll be able to treat most minor stains. That said, the stain has affected a large area or you are working with a vintage or expensive carpet, you will want some professional assistance.

If you are stuck googling, “how to get oil out of carpet,” but have exhausted all the answers, Steamco can help. We make sure the stain is fully removed without ever damaging the carpet. Our team assists you with all things home stain cleaning from post-spot treatment to upholstery steam cleaning process. When you contact us, you end up with a better deal. Forget about stains and get your carpets, upholstery, drapes and more looking like new!  

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