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5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

DIY carpet cleaning wine in carpet

If you have just a few random dirt marks on your carpet or spilled a glass of juice or wine, you’re very likely going to want to take care of it yourself. Why call in a professional when it’s just a small spot. Spot cleaning is something we all deal with, and while there are a wide variety of different methods you can use to treat these stains and spills, there are a few DIY carpet cleaning mistakes you must avoid so you don’t want to ruin your carpet. Here are a few essential tips you need to be sure to follow.

1. Using Anything Labeled “Carpet Cleaner”

You may have a spray can of carpet cleaner already in your home that you’re probably thinking will work great for DIY carpet cleaning. However, you should avoid any of these types of foams, cleaners or sprays because they tend to leave a residue in the carpet.

What happens is that this residue will attract dirt and dust over time creating a brown spot in an area you cleaned. It goes back to the basic. Soap requires water for it to do its job, and when you use over the counter cleaner, you’re just leaving soap on the rug. Surely not the DIY carpet cleaning that you want.

2. Using Too Much Water

When it comes to DIY carpet cleaning without a machine, you may now be thinking that you’ll use the cleansers then add water. The problem is that is easy to use too much water when cleaning your carpet. If the carpet is over-wetted and soaked all the way through, it may not dry properly. Dampness can lead to mold developing or shrinking and tearing of the carpet.

3. Don’t Rub, Blot

When a spill happens, our immediate reaction is to rub it out as quickly as possible. Scrubbing works well on your floors and pots and pans, but with carpets the opposite is true. Rubbing will only spread the stain or spill around more. For that reason, you want to just blot. Bonus tip: if you need more pressure then stand on the cloth you are using, the pressure will transfer the stain to the towel you are using.

DIY carpet cleaning

4. Using a Colored Towel

Using a colored towel is such an easy mistake to make. You grab the nearest rag or towel to you and start rubbing away. The problem is that is very easy for the color to run onto the carpet even if the towel has been washed countless times. Always use a white colored cloth or paper towel when doing DIY carpet cleaning without a machine.

5. Not Routinely Cleaning

Your carpets are like any other objects in your house and need routine upkeep. Vacuuming once or twice a week goes a long way in keeping your carpets in great shape. It helps to pick up dirt that may be between the fibers and ensures that when a spill does happen, it doesn’t have a  bed of soil underneath it making the problem worse.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

With these five tips, you are now know how to clean a carpet by hand. That said, even for small areas, it might just be more straightforward to hire a professional carpet cleaning. They can get a job done quickly and effectively, and with competitive pricing options, it means you can get your carpet looking better than ever at a highly affordable price. So contact one of our technicians today to see how we can help your carpets look better ever.

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